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Ads Are Not Enough…

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We live in an age where everything is instant or easily setup – alarm clocks, coffee makers, crock pots, microwaves, search engines, house and car alarms and even fish tank cleaners. This instant era leads us to believe that if you set it, you can just forget… and you will just reap the benefits for days and days.


Although that may apply to many things (like the lifesaver called “repeat alarms” that helps us keep our jobs), this does not particularly apply to ads on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Or as Lord of the Rings puts it:


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Many all know ads on social media are excellent for attracting new visitors to your product or service. Many also know that Needls makes it easy for you create, target and optimize these ads to viewers who would be more inclined to click on your ads. But this does not –  in any way – translate to guaranteed sales!

There are ways though to increase your chances of closing sales through those ads.

1. Landing Pages:

This is a specific page that you can create for your ads. They make it easier for you to track traffic coming from ads, allow you to put up exactly what you want your visitors to first see and they allow you to keep things simple. Lead Pages is a great tool to create a landing page for your visitors. They are quick and simple to use and increase your chances of closing a sale.


2. Email Collection:

Email is not dead, despite the horrendous rumors! Many visitors will gladly opt-in to a list of a businesses they are interested in, where they can receive updates and promotions from you. But the only way they can sign up is if you set up an email list collector or a subscribe button readily available. Once they are subscribed to you, they become even more easier to close!


3. Engaging Content:

Your images, your titles and texts absolutely have to be engaging. Bland or blurry images taken from your cellphone, confusing titles and sales-y texts are just a few things that can destroy the productivity of an ad campaign. If your ads are not engaging, it doesn’t matter what you are doing – you will not get sales from it!


4. Visible Contact Information:

So you built the landing page of every business’ dreams? You’ve set up email collection and buttons to subscribe to all social media channels and you are sure that your ads are captivating? Excellent! There’s one last thing though – can visitors reach you?

One thing that a lot of businesses forget in the midst of creating ads is having a way to directly contact the sales department!


This article may have burst your bubble. Don’t be discouraged! Great strategies will always lead to great sales.

And hey, there will always be those instant fish tank cleaners…


Got any great tips to convert sales from your ads? Let us know at contact@needls.com!


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