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The problem with running your own Facebook & Instagram Ads


It requires a lot of creativity:

Constantly pumping out creative and engaging ads takes a lot of energy; energy you could be investing in other important parts of your business.

It requires a lot of time:

To see what kinds of ads produce the best results, you need to create and test a lot of variations. Creating one engaging ad can take hours, let alone many of them.


It requires a lot of money:

The only way to see what kinds of ads work is to spend real dollars and see what comes back. You can spend hundreds, if not thousands before you even begin to understand what kinds of ads actually work.

The needls.CONCIERGE solution

Using the perfect combination of advanced AI, performance data, and human expertise, we craft for you the perfect Facebook ad campaigns that are likely to immediately resonate with your target audience.

The best part? Needls. Concierge is free, can be set up in minutes, and can have your
campaigns ready to launch and capable of making you money in 24 hours or less.


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