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Sit back, put your feet up, and let needls. ENGAGE maintain and grow your Facebook Business fanbase with daily, curated content.

Would you buy your engine, tires and seats separately if you were looking for a new car? Then why the heck are you doing that when it comes to growing your business?

Needls provides the best LANDING PAGES, ADVERTISING, and SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT tools from the
ONLY source that created each aspect specifically to produce you the best results – FOR FREE!

We post daily curated content to your Facebook Business page that your future customers will love and share.
Here’s all we need you to do:

  • Connect your Facebook account.
  • Tell us your target keywords and preferred posting time.
  • Relax as we post daily curated content to your Facebook page.

"Posting daily content to your Facebook page is the easiest way to build more trust with your fans"

Why Keeping Your Facebook Fans Engaged Is Hard

The Problems


You need to post a lot of content:

Constantly pumping out creative and engaging Facebook ads takes a lot of energy; energy you could be investing in other important parts of your business.

facebook ads

You need to post interesting content:

To see what kinds of Facebook ads produce the best results, you need to create and test a lot of variations. Creating one engaging Facebook ad can take hours, let alone hundreds of them.


You need to measure what content works:

The only way to see what kinds of Facebook ads work is to pay money to show them to people and see what comes back. You can spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars before you even begin to understand what kinds of ads actually work.

Needls.ENGAGE finds the perfect content for your specific audience, automatically shares it to your
Facebook page every single day, and makes it a breeze to see what content is working from your dashboard.

Why needls.ENGAGE Works

Using the perfect combination of advanced AI, performance data, and human expertise, we post the perfect content to your Facebook Business page to engage and build your audience.

This gives you the freedom to pursue whatever you want: tend to other parts of your business, take that trip you’ve been thinking about for months, or anything else you want to do. While you’re out enjoying your freedom, you can rest assured knowing your audience is taken care of.

The best part? Needls. ENGAGE is free (one post a week) and can be set up in minutes.

There are also paid options if you need more content posted for you.


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