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Needls. is The Easiest and Most Effective Way to Advertise on

Needls. determines the perfect target audience for these ads by monitoring social media conversations in real time. Needls. is the only platform where people receive ads for what they need, when they need it.

The Internet’s first RoboAgency

Automatically Create, Target and Optimize your ads.

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Getting started with your first campaign is easy! See what the power of a RoboAgency can do for your business today. Stop worrying about how to advertise effectively for your business and focus on running it instead!

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Disrupting the Status Quo

Why the alternatives for Social Media advertising just don't cut it.

Advertising Platforms

Advertising platforms on the market today are typically meant for the experienced digital marketer who knows more than a thing or two about managing ad campaigns on Social Media.

Do It Yourself

Out of 50 million small businesses on Facebook only 3 million have been able to figure out how to effectively manage social media advertising.

Traditional Agencies

Agencies are not affordable to the majority of small businesses with such high up front costs and management fees. The reality is, people eat & sleep and do not work on your campaigns 24/7 like our RoboAgency does.

We took intuitiveness from the best advertising platforms, the brains from the brightest ad agency minds and created a "done-for-you" platform that automates social media advertising for your business.

Your Budget Spent Well.

Compare how needls., traditional ad agency and platforms spend your budget.

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  • Automated Ad Creation
  • Intent Based Targeting
  • 24/7 Optimization
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Custom Reporting
  • Live Chat & Customer Care

*10% of ad spend is charged as a management fee.