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Introducing CeeTeeO

Working 24/7 to create, target and optimize social media campaigns, CeeTeeO is our secret weapon!
Thanks to CeeTeeO, we can determine the perfect target audience for your ads by monitoring social media
conversations in real time – making sure the right people, see the right ad, at the right time!

How it works
Answer 6 questions and needls can create 100s of ads for your business and distribute them across social media!
Needls targets ads by monitoring social media and identifying natural language purchase intent signals.
Thanks to Data Science, AI, and buying techniques, needls optimizes campaigns 24/7 to get you the best ROI!
A low cost, automated solution for small businesses, startups and independent professionals.
  • Automated Ad Creation
  • Automatic Cross Platform Optimization
  • Automatic Time of Day Adjustments
  • Real Time Simple Reporting
  • Full Analytics
  • 10% of Ad Spend Charged
  • Landing Page Creation*
  • Intent Based Audience Targeting
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