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Is Holiday Advertising Necessary?

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The holiday season is among us at last! Many people believe advertising on social media too close to the holidays is a waste of advertising dollars. We beg to differ and here are a few reasons why:


1. “I’ll Be Home For Christmas!”

There are numerous days off for people in all industries in December. Pair this with seasonal weather and you have an entire audience that is staying in unless something truly interesting or obligatory draws them out into the cold. Social media becomes a popular choice for entertainment – or a diversion from relatives!


2. “Do You Hear What I Hear?”

More people are available and willing to communicate with each other, quite possibly due to the jolly mood of the season. Sending season’s greetings and communicating back with your audience increases engagement and keeps you in their eye. This is a time where people are liking, sharing and commenting left, right and center!


3. “All I Want For Christmas Is You!”

What is the biggest reason to advertise during the holidays? Everyone is shopping for that right gift and many of them are shopping online. It almost sounds too good to be true: people are ready and willing to spend and are searching for something to spend on? All you have to do is advertise and show them that you are there!

Here are some ideas:

–          Advertise your boxing day deals

–          Post coupon codes and/or advertise discounts

–          Make CTA (Call To Action) buttons clearly visible on your pages and profiles


Keeping these points in mind will catapult your business during the holidays!


Happy Holidays!


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