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5 Totally Genius Small Business Social Media Wins

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There’s a reason business owners are always eyeing Facebook as a means of growing their business. Amazing targeting tools, low cost, and meaningful connections with customers make small business social media marketing a game even the newest, tiniest company can win. They can win big.

But strategy is crucial, and finding ways to connect with and build your audience is an absolute must. Here are five small businesses who have mastered community engagement and social media management. If you’re looking for some Facebook inspiration, look no further!

1) Hosting a “name of the day” giveaway.

A Virginia creamery is getting major organic reach on Facebook with a simple tactic: Offering a small freebie every few days to people with a certain name. These unassuming posts get a huge amount of engagement. People tag their friends, share the post, and (best of all) show up to the creamery to sample their ice cream. Brilliant!

This Facebook post has the two of the key ingredients to a winning social media promotion. First of all, it encourages major online engagement such as Facebook likes, shares, and comments. The use of a person’s name encourages more people to tag their friends in the comments than a generic deal might. Secondly, it drives action and will result in actual visitors to their business. The goal here is to get people off their computers and into stores for a delicious treat!

2) Giving people something to look forward to (especially something funny!) on your small business social media page.

Mackenzie’s Animal Sanctuary in Michigan has thousands of followers who look forward to their content every week. Among the highlights are these cute-as-can be “Friday Funnies.” Cute and funny animal videos are far from an uncommon sight online, so why not take advantage?

The Animal Sanctuary balances these adorable videos and memes with serious warnings about pet safety and introductions to adoption-ready pups. Their volunteers frequently engage with their content, ensuring other followers will see their most important posts.

3) Personal, first-person posts that put the “social” back into “social media.”

People come to social media to connect with friends and family, so content that feels genuine and personal can be a hit with users. Ottawa’s Big Rig Kitchen & Brewery has mastered this with its Facebook page. Their content, which alternates between share-worthy memes and cell-phone quality meal photos, make visitors feel like almost as though they are visiting a friend’s page. Captions like “Treating myself to our 4 Layer Milk Chocolate Stout Cake” and “Absolutely MY LIFE!” make followers feel like they are reading the content of a relatable person, not just following a 2-dimensional brand. A person who, might I add, loves good eats:

Their page still looks sharp, with well-designed promotional pictures in their banner and ads. But the day-to-day content feels real and person-to-person, which keeps visitors coming back for more.

4) Let your customers do the talking!

Canadian restaurant Burger Revolution has also mastered the art of getting personal on social media by putting a taste of their in-store action online. The brand uses Facebook to showcase its community involvement, yummy burgers and great sense of humour. They use simple but brilliant tactic to bring this all together: Repurposing customer comments into killer social media content.

These posts, combined with videos from events the Burger Revolution team attends, have given their Facebook page real growth and reach. Talk about a small business social media win!

5) Post live videos that people love.

Carolina Designs Realty, a North Carolina vacation rental company, has moved away from the traditional real estate practice of posting pictures of available properties. Instead, it uses social video to showcase everything North Carolina has to offer:

Their success with these videos teaches us a couple things. First of all, it shows us that video on Facebook doesn’t have to be a high-budget commercial masterpiece. Showing experiences that are rare, interesting, or eye-catching almost always outperform salesy 30-second spots on social media. Carolina Designs Reality also builds content around something their target audience is interested in – North Carolina vacations. Rather than posting self-serving pictures or promotions, they bring in potential buyers with unique videos and articles that matter to them.

How to create your own small business social media win

In upcoming articles, we are going to show you how to use targeted ads, content creation, customer engagement and creativity to make your Facebook page just as amazing as the ones featured here.

In the meantime, our social media experts are here to help with any specific questions you have as you enter the exciting world of digital marketing. Click here to contact us today!


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