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5 ways to grow your business during Covid-19

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With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s not business as usual.

I know what you’re thinking, while most companies are having layoffs and closing doors, how is it possible to grow your business. You have to stay positive and prepare to take action!

BrandLoyal will share with you ways you can help your business grow even during an unprecedented time like this.

We have put together a list of hacks to help you restrategize and plan for growth so you not only survive but thrive during these challenging times.

Freshen up your listings

Chances are your business exists on review sites all over the web, even if you’ve never created a listing yourself. Get in the habit of regularly updating your business details, social links, website and photos, to keep customers pointed in the right direction. Represent your business the right way!

Be where your customers are looking: In addition to Google, Yelp and Facebook, you should focus on niche review sites that closely match your industry. These are the places your customers are searching to make informed purchase decisions. Use this list to get you started.

Claim your business: Once you’ve identified which sites your customers will be searching, make sure you claim your business so that you can have control over the information and be able to respond to customer comments and reviews.  

Take advantage of CTA’s: Many business owners are unaware of call-to-actions available on certain sites. On Google for example, you can link customers to specific actions such as appointment bookings or viewing your list of services. This FREE simple tool makes your life a lot easier! So why not?

Engage with customers: Stay active! Another way to use these platforms to their full potential is to set up messaging. This allows your customers to directly message you from Facebook and Google, which ultimately leads to a strong growth in customer relationships and a step above the competition.

Engage with existing customers

Loyal customers are your most valuable resource, especially in these uncertain times. Focus on retention as much as possible, and even try to leverage their own network for referrals. Here are a couple of ways to engage with them while keeping social distance:

Email: Now I’m not telling you to bombard your customers (they’re getting a lot of emails right now), but you should be reaching out to keep them connected to your business. If you have changes in service, you’re doing something to help, or you have customers that may be sensitive to the crisis, let them know you’re still here.

Social Media:  Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are great ways to engage your customers now more than ever. Using social media to teach customers about your products and services or just having fun will have a big impact on your business by keeping you top of mind and building goodwill. 

Ratings:  Google has lifted it’s pause on local reviews, so you should continue encouraging customers to say something about your business. Responding to reviews, both good and bad, is also a great way to engage past customers while convincing new ones that you care. BrandLoyal has a great tool for you to manage your reviews.

Go digital & expand your marketing strategy

With quarantine in effect, people will be online now more than ever. Take advantage of this opportunity by building or improving your digital marketing strategy.

Get pre-orders set up: This pandemic won’t last forever. If you need immediate cash flow, consider promoting gift cards and pre-orders. Not only will you pick up where you left off, you will come back bigger and stronger.

Shift to inbound marketing: Focus on redesigning your website, offering new products/services, optimizing your SEO, and implementing an effective digital marketing strategy. Again, social media is a great channel for digital marketing; Needls makes it easy with their free tool, check it out.

Implement a Referral Program:  Offering incentives to customers who refer friends and family to your business will grow your customer base, increase revenues, and spread awareness of your brand. Happy customers are your best bet of free marketing.

Offer help

In times of crisis, some companies take a back seat and try to wait until it’s over; that isn’t what you should do. Show people that you care about them and offer help to your customers, employees, and if you can, the world as a whole.

Talk to your customers: Include them in discussions and provide choices. Offer free upgrades, discount existing plans, or work through specific needs with your customers. Make them feel that they’ve been heard and when that is what they need right now.

Protect your employees:  Brand Loyalty extends to your employees as well. Make sure to accommodate those who are helping your business – they will always remember how you handled the situation and took care of them.

Stay positive

It’s easy to focus on the negatives, but you might never get another chance like this in your life; almost everything has halted or slowed down so now is a great time to look internally to figure out what you  can do to improve.

We can all agree that there is always more we can do for our customers and our business. Keep working, be mindful, and always remember that if history has taught us two things  – it doesn’t end up like Tiger King and that mankind always wins. 

-The BrandLoyal.io team


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