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The 7 People Visiting Your Facebook Page (and how to win them over)

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Woohoo! You just started running Facebook ads, and now you have tons of new visitors to your Facebook page. But wait, who are these people? Are they going to buy from you? Are they current customers, employees, or competitors?

Most visitors to your Facebook page will fall into one of seven categories.

Seven types of people visiting your facebook page.

By taking the right steps to target your ads and by posting content that attracts the right people, you can turn your social media accounts into assets for brand recognition, lead nurturing, customer support, and even human resources.

1) The Brand Evangelist.

This person loves your posts because, well, they love your brand!

The Brand Evangelist is a word-of-mouth marketing goldmine. When they share your content, your audience grows. People who trust them start trusting you. Heck, even complete strangers who see their positive comments will trust you more.

Brand Evangelists are one of your most powerful tools as a digital marketer (plus, they’re super fun to talk to on social media)!

Top Tips to Engage the Brand Evangelist:

  • Frequently post great content on your Facebook page.
  • Keep the conversation going by responding to every comment they leave.
  • Create promotions which appeal to current customers, not just new ones. Brand Evangelists want to be rewarded for their loyalty!
  • Are these people actively referring customers your way? If so, they could be great fits for a rewards program or affiliate marketing.

2) The Ad Clicker.

If you’re running effective Facebook ads, you’re going to be seeing this type of visitor a lot.

The Ad Clicker didn’t know much about you until they saw your Facebook ads. Now they’re super intrigued. You should do everything you can to make a good first impression with this visitor.

Top Tips to Engage the Ad Clicker:

  • Make sure the message shown in your Facebook ads is consistent with your Facebook page and any landing pages.
  • Regularly update your Facebook page with great content so they see an active and engaged brand when they click through.
  • Encourage some positive reviews current customers. That way, potential customers like the Ad Clicker will have even more proof that your biz is amazing!

3) The Customer Service Requester.

Customers often take to social media to request customer support…and to air grievances if they don’t receive it ASAP.

Having a robust system in place to handle this type of visitor will ensure their questions are answered and nothing escalates.

Top tips to engage the Customer Service Requester:

  • Have someone monitor your social media as often as possible – even after office hours. A quick reply letting someone know you’ll be on it ASAP the next day means a lot.
  • If a customer service request is public (i.e. a Facebook post or a tweet), try to migrate the conversation to a private message or phone call. This will protect customer information and help you to avoid third-party responders while you handle the issue.

4) The Researcher.

As we’ve written before on this blog, modern consumers tend to do a lot of research before buying.

If you’re a restaurant, people may visit your Facebook page in hopes of seeing the menu or the latest specials. If you’re a photographer, people could be on the hunt for samples of your work through social media. Potential customers could also stumble upon your page looking for your hours, phone number, or location. Don’t let the Researcher down!

Top Tips to Engage the Researcher:

  • Make sure your Facebook page is fully loaded with all pertinent details about your business.
  • Get visual! Post images that give people a closer look at what you have to offer.

5) The Shopper.

This person is similar to the researcher, but they’re even closer to converting.

They clicked your ad, learned about your business, did some research…now they’re ready to buy! Is your Facebook page optimized to make that purchase easy-peasy?

Top Tips to Engage the Shopper:

  • Name your Facebook page clearly. If your business operates under multiple names, go with the one that is best known – that’s what they’ll be using to search for you!
  • Make sure the Call to Action on your Facebook page encourages clicks from Shoppers.
  • Be available! Reply quickly to social media messages and use chatbots to answer initial queries.

6) The Employee.

If you have a solid company culture, your employees will be some of your best Brand Evangelists. That means they’ll be active on your Facebook page – you’ll often see familiar faces commenting on posts and sharing the latest promotions.

Keeping employees engaged online can increase their brand loyalty and boost morale as they see all the great things you’re accomplishing. Don’t ignore the importance of this group.

Top Tips to Engage the Employee:

  • Encourage employees to follow your Facebook page, but don’t be too pushy if it’s not part of the job description.
  • Post “good news” about your business practices – community involvement, growth figures, and so on
  • Involve them with employee showcases, office videos, and other fun content.

7) The Competitor.

Competitors are almost always part of your Facebook visitor statistics. While you won’t be optimizing your Facebook page for this visitor, keeping their presence in mind is helpful when observing your stats.

How to reach more shoppers and fewer competitors with Facebook Ads

There are definitely some types of visitors who are better for your bottom line. If you’re using Facebook ads, you’ll want to make sure you’re reaching more prospective customers and fewer competitors. Pretty simple, right?

The good news is that there are ways to target your Facebook ads so they are less likely to be shown to competitors (or people who aren’t interested in buying from you, period). Needls technology is one way that tons of businesses are doing just that. If you have any questions about how we can make that happen, don’t hesitate to book a call with one of our Facebook marketing experts!


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