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8 Facebook Cover Photo Do’s and Don’ts

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How much thought have you given to your Facebook cover photo? Probably nowhere near as much as you should!

Well good news – HubSpot has shared 8 Facebook Cover Photo Do’s and Don’ts.

1. Abide by Facebook’s cover photo guidelines

  • Your cover is public.
  • Covers can’t be deceptive, misleading, or infringe on anyone else’s copyright.
  • You can’t encourage people to upload your cover to their personal timelines.

“If you get caught violating the above terms, Facebook could take action against your Page.”

2. Do make sure your Facebook cover photo size is right: 851 px wide by 315 px tall

“If you upload an image smaller than those dimensions, Facebook will stretch it to fit the right size, as long as it’s at least 399 pixels wide and 150 pixels tall.” 

3. Don’t abide by the 20% text rule, but try to stay visual

The previous rule said that only 20% of your cover photo could be text … but the sentiment behind the rule was a good one. If you’re going to use text in your cover photo, keep it concise; your photo will be much more informative and engaging.”

4. Don’t hide content behind your profile picture

“Even though you have a full 851 pixels by 315 pixels to design a cover photo doesn’t mean that you have all of that to work with. Because of the way that Profile Pictures are featured on Facebook Pages, there’s a section of your cover photo that won’t appear unless you click on it.”

5. Do right-align the objects in your cover photo

“Since your profile picture is on left, you want to add some balance to your Facebook cover photo design by having the focus of the image be on the right.”

6. Do integrate the cover photo design with other parts of your Facebook Page

“You could make your profile picture and cover photo one big canvas, or use some design elements to draw attention to different functionalities of your Facebook Page.”

7. Do include a shortened link in your cover photo description that aligns with your page CTA

“Make sure your cover photo description includes a text CTA and link to the same offer. This way, any time people view your cover photo directly, they can access the download link.”

8. Do pin a related post right below your Facebook cover image

If you’re spending time aligning your Facebook Page CTA, your cover photo design, and your cover photo description copy, you should also make sure to post about the same thing directly to your page, and pin that post to the top of your Timeline. That way, you’re giving people one very clear call-to-action when they arrive to your page”

A lot to think about! Read the whole thing here.


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