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A new year filled with new accomplishments is coming!

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This last year has been a brilliant one for the needls team. It’s amazing to think of just how much we have accomplished in only a year!

We’ve gone from concept to results, expanding our team of employees while also increasing our user-base. We’ve been featured in numerous publications and websites. We moved into new offices, giving us the opportunity to bring more people into the fold. Throughout all this, we have continuously met (and will continue to meet) the goals we outlined to improve our service.

2014 was indeed a great year. But we’re sure that 2015 will be an even better one!

To those of you who have supported us in 2014 and the years leading up to it, we thank you. We hope you stick around to follow our success in 2015.

Enjoy the rest of 2014, and have a great 2015 all!


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