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Dentma Case Study

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Mindy Janis is the co-founder of Dentma, which is a marketing platform aimed to orthodontists looking to increase their website traffic, gather leads & aid in scheduling. After choosing to advertise of Facebook via needls, she got the results she had hoped for and more!


  • 90% time saved on managing social
  • 80% more effective compare to her previous methods
  • 117x return on investment after choosing to advertise on Facebook
  • Needls is the primary driver of leads for Dentma

Life before Needls

Mindy Janis is the co-founder of Dentma. Dentma is an automated marketing platform that focuses on converting website traffic to quality leads and customers for the 6000 orthodontists across United States and Canada. It’s own AI named Ava, can help orthodontist with email campaigns, text reminders, scheduling, and more.

Dentma has updated their brand. Traditionally, most of their leads came from word of mouth, but to Mindy the process was too costly and time consuming. Prior to joining Needls, Mindy actually spent a good amount of time learning the basics of Facebook advertising, and tried her hand at running her own FB campaign for a month. Unfortunately, it didn’t yield her any leads and she was spending a good chunk of her day on tweaking the campaign ta on tweaking the campaign targeting. Then she found Needls.

How did you find Needls?

She originally came across Needls from one of our targeted Facebook ads. Armed with the fundamental knowledge of Facebook ads, she had no problem navigating through the initial campaign process. However, she wanted to make the perfect ad copies, so she leveraged the Needls Support team. After multiple chat sessions and phone calls, Mindy was ready to launch.

The Result

Over the course of two months, Dentma has generated 98 highly motivated leads, and closed 8 deals with an average lifetime value of $9600 per customer.

Campaign Results of Advertising on Facebook



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