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Big data can make you happier

2 mins read

Big data can make you happier. It’s true, and it’s not just us saying it.

Alex Banayan wrote a great little piece for LinkedIn in which he discusses how big data can make people happier. He’s basing his claims off of Stefan Weitz’s (Senior Director of Search at Microsoft) new book Search.

We’re not just dealing with big data here. More specifically, we’re talking about comprehensive data. As Banayan puts it:

“It provides a more complete picture of our physical world than ever before possible, and with that comes certain capabilities that computing systems can harness.”

These capabilities free up our time to be spent elsewhere, thus increasing efficiency tremendously and making us happier for the following two reasons:

1. We’ll be able to enjoy the “now” because our minds will no longer be overwhelmingly burdened with a list of things to do or remember.

2. The more options we have, the less happy we are. We suffer from decision paralysis when we have too much to pick from. And then when we finally do choose, we suffer from decision-regret. In this sense, less is more.

Banayan says it best: “New advances in big data and search technology will ease our decision making process, because eventually, the data may know your preferences better than you do yourself.”


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