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Boss vs. Leader

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It’s our belief that the success of a business stems from the founder and there are many companies that prove when employees are respected and appreciated they flourish. There’s a huge difference between a boss and a leader and it can impact a business exponentially.

Bosses are authoritative creatures that instill fear and angst in their employees, they watch the clock and don’t make the work environment a pleasant one, the outcome of such beings is a constant revolving door of employees.  


Leaders on the other hand take their team under their wing and encourage them to be great. Leaders coach their team enabling them to practice their skill without fear of making mistakes (although nobody likes mistakes, they’re bound to happen), as a team grows and strengthen so does the company – this is something leaders understand.

“A leader is someone who others look up to for guidance on all levels,” said Justin Hartzman, CEO and co-founder of needls. “They bring camaraderie satisfaction to all team members, while being a boss and barking orders garners pent up resentment and less job satisfaction for employees.”

A lot of businesses think having office perks like video games and weekly lunches is enough to keep employees happy but in the end they don’t matter if the boss is someone they can’t stand working for.

Here’s a closer comparison of the two titles:

Instills fear
Doesn’t build relationships
Places blame on staff when things go wrong
Takes credit for the work of others
Doesn’t always give clear instruction
Doesn’t care about work/life balance

Open door policy
Coaches team
Creates excitement around work
Encourages risk taking
Gives clear instruction and is open to questions
Gives credit where it’s due

Whether you’re thinking of starting a business or already own one consider what your role as the owner or manager is and what kind of relationship you want with your team. It is much easier to keep current employees happy than it is to be constantly hiring new ones, and remember that word gets out especially with websites like Glassdoor, so if you want to keep your top talent or attract the best out there be sure to be a leader and not a boss.


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