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Catch ‘Em All: Give your business a boost with Pokemon Go

2 mins read

Drowzee caught in the needls office!

Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm. Even if your business doesn’t sell pokéballs, you can still market specifically to trainers.

In the U.S. the app has more active daily users than Twitter and more downloads than Tinder, (although users are more likely to catch something on Tinder).

Here’s what to do!

1. Purchase a lure

Lures are an inexpensive way to attract Pokémon which you then use to attract customers to your business.  Trainers follow the Pokémon and for a few bucks you can buy enough lures to keep yourself swimming in Magikarp for the entire day (if that’s your thing).

The last thing we caught before our CEO politely suggested we get back to work.

2. Start playing and take some pictures

While you might be tempted to “catch ’em all”, start by getting some pictures of Pokémon in and around your business. Looking to get people into your coffee shop? Get a shot of a Caterpie with a cappuccino. Bakery not doing enough business? Stick a Squirtle on that scone! Fun images that focus on your business make for great ads, and needls will be able to target the trainers in your area.

3. Leave the rest to needls

Once you have your images leave the rest to needls. Our platform will automatically create your ads for you, target them to players in your area and then continuously optimize them 24/7.

By using social ads to take part in the Poké craze you’ll be reaching a whole new demographic and before you know it you’ll have a ton of new customers at your doorstep.

NEXT WEEK: 8 excuses to play Pokemon Go at work


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