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How to Create a Killer Social Media Video Strategy

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If recent trends have taught us anything, it’s that video ain’t just for YouTube anymore. Between Facebook Video, Snapchat and Instagram clips, and Twitter integration (NFL streams, anyone?), we see social media video everywhere.

And guess what? We pay attention to those clips. At least, that’s what leading statistics from Ooyala show:

The move to mobile and the growth have social media have made social networks one of the most common places where people view videos. Marketers should take particular note of this trend since platforms like Facebook and Instagram are super interactive, allowing viewers to take immediate action after watching a social media video – they can comment, share with a friend, click to learn more, and (of course!) make a purchase. In many cases, a person can go from watching a video to becoming a customer without leaving the house or talking to a salesperson at all. That’s quite the influence!

A successful social media video campaign depends on combining the right creative with smart targeting and optimization for each platform. Here’s how you can create a killer social media video strategy today.

General Rules to Follow When Creating Social Media Video

While not all platforms are the same, there are a few general rules you should follow when creating a video for social media promotion:

  • Your video should be understandable without sound, as many people watch video on muted mobile phones. Subtitles and imagery are key here.
  • Your first few frames should be eye-catching. Get them to stop scrolling
  • Social media videos are usually short and punchy. However, if you have something really valuable and entertaining, don’t watch the clock too much – Facebook’s algorithm rewards longer videos, especially when people watch them all the way through. As a general rule, value-adding content can stay longer while “ads” should be quick and to the point.
  • Upload your video in HD. Don’t worry – Facebook’s server can handle it.

Keep these rules in mind as you develop your social media video strategy, but remember: Times change. And rules are made to be broken. If you think a less polished video will add authenticity to your brand or that a longer clip will delight your audience, go for it.

How should I use my video on multiple social media platforms?

A common mistake social media managers make is to post a video only to YouTube, then copy and paste the link to the YouTube video into all their other platforms.

This is a bad call, especially where Facebook is concerned. You see, Facebook is becoming a bigger player in online video sharing….and they want to keep it that way. In order to encourage users to take advantage of the technology on their platform, Facebook’s Newsfeed is far less generous when a video is shared from a third party platform.

It’s well worth the effort to upload your video directly to Facebook (and throw it up on Instagram, while you’re at it!). Besides increased exposure, you will benefit from more sophisticated stats on the performance of your video (for example, you can see how many times it was watched) and you will be able to use the clip as creative for a targeted Facebook ad campaign.

What about Facebook and Instagram “stories”?

With the growing popularity of Snapchat and Instagram/Facebook stories, this is a major topic of discussion. It’s worth noting that the social video you use for an ad campaign and the type of video you should include in a “story” post should look very different.

Facebook video or Facebook live?

Now that we’ve covered “Story” video as well as how to prepare polished video posts for social media, it’s time to talk about the third player in social video – streaming live.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube all have options to stream live video. It makes sense, really – these networks are all about connecting people and encouraging interaction. What’s more social than broadcasting to followers and responding to their comments in real time?

The concept of live video may make some people nervous – after all, there are NO do-overs. But the authenticity of the medium is often appreciated by followers, making this a really good platform for knowledgeable professionals. Real estate agents, lawyers, counselors, coaches, or any other person who provides expertise to others for a living can give followers a taste of their services through a live broadcast. Live videos are one of the quickest pieces of content you can produce and can drive a lot of connection and trust with your followers, so they are worth considering!

Here are a few tips for “going live”:

  • You’ll be using a webcam or phone camera for the broadcast, so make sure you have a good one! While no one expects a live video to be in HD, you do still need to be clear and easy to watch.
  • If the live video is just you talking to your followers using a phone camera, it’s a good idea to use a mini-tripod to steady the shot. If you’re trying to show off an event or location and don’t have a tripod handy, steady your hand or have someone else hold the phone while you talk.
  • Imagine you are speaking directly with a client when you look into the camera. You want to be approachable yet professional – give people a glimpse of why they should work with you!
  • Say hi to people who you see watching and interacting with your video, but finish your idea or sentence first. Recognizing viewers is a good call, but it can be frustrating for viewers if you stop every few words to give a shout out.
  • Try to be consistent with your Live videos to build a following. Whether you’re posting one every other week or presenting a series leading up to a big launch, make sure you encourage growth by getting people excited about your next segment.

Live video can help you engage your current audience in a big way. But how do you build that audience to make sure people can see the great content you’re posting?

The key is that good ol’ social video we talked about in the first part of this article. Facebook’s advertising platform allows you to use a video as the creative in your ad campaign, giving you a serious opportunity to get the crowd’s attention. That can increase your Facebook footprint, drive traffic to your website, and – you guessed it – help you ultimately grow as a business.

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