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Virtual Native – Case Study

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Joshua Martyn is the owner and operator of Virtual Native – a digital marketing agency located in Bend, Oregon.


  • Had a CPC of $0.02 on his best campaign
  • Above average CTR across all of his campaigns


Martyn runs a digital marketing agency that offers all types of services – from web development and support, to SEO and paid social media marketing. A team of six, Virtual Native likes to keep their operation lean while at the same time providing exceptional value to their clients.

How he found needls

Like most clients, Joshua found needls through a Facebook ad campaign. Time and time again the ads that needls displays by leveraging its own platform brings in quality users, who in turn see the value in what the platform has to offer.

Why needls?

Martyn was looking for a social media ad system that was more intelligent and efficient than the ones that come with Facebook and Instagram directly.

“Creating and managing ads is very time consuming,”said Martyn. “Needls has provided a platform that learns over time and finds the best ad out of many.”

Martyn found that they were spending a lot of time creating and managing ads but were targeting the wrong audience with the wrong ads which ultimately resulted in a waste of time and money for their clients and for themselves.

The ease of the needls platform is what Martyn loves most for his digital marketing agency. The software can create 40+ ads that will over time find the one that is rendering the best results to the right audience with little management on their end.

Is needls working for Martyn?

A resounding YES.

“We are able to show really good results to our clients which helps us maintain long term relationships,” said Martyn.

How does Martyn know new business is coming from needls?

The digital marketing agency have been able to track the cost per click in engagement to their social media pages, as well as their conversion on their landing pages and websites that result in a sale or lead. Having good data and verifiable results helped them refine their campaigns for themselves and their clients.

Needls vs. The Rest

Martyn and the Virtual Narrative team have been comparing results with the likes of Google adwords and their own Facebook campaigns, it’s clear that needls is outperforming and that social media advertising through needls is very effective.

Running Facebook and Instagram ads themselves was very time consuming and many of their clients don’t have the budget for management costs. By having needls monitor their ads and automatically optimize them, they are able to spend more time working on the part of the sales pages and building our clients’ websites.  This is a win-win for everyone.

The Result

Virtual Native has been using the needls platform since July 2016 (going on 8 months now). One key metric that has been tracked is the click through rate of their campaigns. It is important to note that needls is not a “get rich quick” type of platform. The system takes time to do its job, but once it does – it really starts to click. For Martyn, it was crucial that his ads were performing as he had his reputation to uphold. In the first month with needls his click through rate (the % of people who click an ad after viewing it) was a little under 1.5% and has since steadied out to roughly 2.5% for all of his campaigns. This rate of 2.5% is more than double Facebook’s average CTR in 2016 of 0.09%.




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