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Facebook Advertising – Ad Types for Power Users!

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Facebook Ads Types Of Facebook Ads - Best Placements

With just under 730,000,000 daily users, Facebook is the mecca of online social media advertising. Facebook has continually adjusted its advertising offers to better suit the needs of its users. Because of this, Facebook now has created an advertising platform that is sure to accomplish all of your advertising needs.

Domain Ads

This is the most basic type of ad that Facebook has to offer. It’s performance is less stellar than the other types of ads, but it is typically the cheapest option. Your ad will display on the right column of Facebook. Unfortunately this ad does not carry over to the mobile platform. You are able to add your own title and a short description along with the URL.

Page Post Link

This ad is used most often on Facebook and is perfect for gravitating users towards your website. These are the ads that come up with big beautiful pictures on your Newsfeed. In addition to pulling users towards your website this ad type easily boosts the number of likes on your page. You also have the ability to test the text of the post and the description within the link. You have the ability to interact with users by responding to their comments. You are also able to plop your ad in the middle of a user’s Newsfeed in a fashion that looks organic.


If you are looking to promote multiple products then this is the Facebook ad type for you. This ad type is nearly identical to the page post link ad, but you can advertise up to three different products with links. Three pictures and three links boosts the advertising ability of your company. This ad type is supported on both desktop and mobile platforms and was released by Facebook in June of 2014.

Page Post Photo

If you want a platform for your aesthetically pleasing photos then the Page Post Photo has everything you need. This is a great way to draw people to like and comment on your page. The purpose is to wow the user with visuals rather than text.


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