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Facebook introduces 360-degree photos

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Damn, Facebook…back at it again with the new features!

Yesterday Facebook announced the addition of 360-degree photos. All you have to do is take a panorama photo with your iPhone or use a 360-degree app or camera and upload the photo like you would normally and Facebook will turn it into a 360-degree photo.

Facebook then lets you explore the image by tapping and dragging the image and on a computer you click and drag. Using 360 photos your friends and family can view your life events as if they were there too. Imagine standing in Trafalgar Square in London and being able to share the whole experience without having to take multiple photos from different sides, with 360 photos you can share the experience in one shot.

image1 (7)

The new photo feature will be rolled out to the public in the next few days.

Happy snapping!



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