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Bunkie Life Case Study

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David Fraser started Bunkie Life when he realized how easy it could be to create a whole new private space right on your property. The problem was getting other people on board with this high ticket item. David came to needls to help him with his digital advertising and get his sales kickstarted!


  • Ad spend doubled due to high traffic in first two weeks
  • CPC dramatically below industry average
  • Overwhelming results forced him to pause campaigns to handle lead overflow


While most online stores carry a variety of products under $100, David was on a completely different level. His company, Bunkielife.com, dedicates itself entirely to creating and selling bunkies online. Crash course on bunkies: it’s a small log cabin that can be used as a backyard guest house, small cottage, AirBnB, party room, or even office. At a steep price tag of $5999 per kit, David was facing a huge challenge of getting interested buyers to his website. Until he found Needls.

The Challenge

Being a niche product, David needed a cost-effective way of to reach out specifically to homeowners or cottage owners that would be interested in owning a bunkie. He built a fine looking landing page that tempts the visitors to put in their info in exchange for a chance to win a free $6000 bunkie. Now all he needs to do is to have some quality traffic. David has tried his hand at digital advertising before but had zero leads for the two months his campaign two months his campaign ran. Frustrated, he came to Needls for help.

How did David start with Needls?

David understood the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Though skeptical, he was curious enough to click on one of Needls’s Facebook ads. David was looking for two things when he signed up with Needls:
1. A reliable way of running the campaign to generate more consistent results than when he did it on his own
2. Someone to help with the nitty gritty of AB testing, optimization, and anything involving lots of numbers Being somewhat experience in creating the ad copy and creatives, he worked with James, an User Success rep at Needls, and started his first campaign.

Results from needls digital advertising campaign David saw a huge increase, not only in website traffic, but leads per month.

The Result

David’s contest campaign ran for about a month and half. Just two weeks in, he doubled his digital advertising budget. Throughout the first campaign, David spent a total of $1105 dollars for ad budget, while getting over 10,000 unique visitors, with over 25% of them entered the contest. According to David, he was able to convert 2500 leads into ten sales, yielding over $50,000 in additional revenue for his company. This is a 50x return on his investment in Needls. While the campaign was running, D While the campaign was running, David was also actively responding to every comment on every ad, building credibility along the way. According to him, he received over 100,000 more views on his ads from his viewer sharing the ad itself.



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