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Focused Driven Lifestyle Case Study

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Lyman Montgomery is the founder of Focused Driven Lifestyle Coaching, LLC. He has been with needls since Jan 3rd.


  • 1000% Increase in monthly leads
  • 53x ROI with Social Media Marketing
  • 46% Conversion rate by the third month


While Lyman was busy changing the lives of thousands, his own business, Focused Driven Lifestyle Coaching was stuck on growth. Having unsuccessfully tried his hand at social media marketing, Lyman was desperately looking for a new way to generate new leads for his seminars.

The Challenge

Lyman knew he needed to tap into the vast audience on Facebook and Instagram to grow his business through social media marketing. While he was a successful motivational speaker and life coach, his customer acquisition cost were high. He attempted to run his social campaigns, spending on average $500-$700 a month with only 1-2 quality leads to show for it. On top of the lack of result, he was overwhelmed by how much he was expected to do to actively manage his own ad campaigns. Lyman even hired his sister, who ended up spending about 20 hours a week to test and tweak his Facebook ad campaigns, with little improvement over time. They had been doing this on their own for about 5 months when Lyman decided enough is enough.

How did Lyman start with Needls?

After weeks of research, Lyman narrowed it down to three candidates. Needls, and two social media agencies. While Needls was his top choice, it wasn’t until he reached out to us on live chat that he was sure this would be the way to go. So he went online and talked to one of our User Success reps, Jordan.And just like that, Lyman was ready to launch with his 27 different ads from Needls.

The Result

“So when I started, I wasn’t aware that there’s a ramp up period. I mean it makes perfect sense since the platform will need to learn about the best audience first.”
Three days went by with a high number of views but nobody took the bite.
Then the fourth day came. “It was like magic, because when I walked into my office on that day, there were ten new leads waiting for
me in the inbox. I thought my god this is incredible! So I had my company call, and they were real, legitimately interested prospects.
And we now have their name, emails, and phone number to follow up on!“
Lyman ended up doing business with 3 of the initial ten leads.
In the coming weeks, the campaign continued to produce quality leads at an increasing rate, as Needls’ machine learning kicked into In the coming weeks, the campaign continued
high gear and began to find highly relevant target audiences. Lyman’s business was reliably generating around 50 new leads per month, and Needls became Lyman’s most cost effective method of lead generation, by far.



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