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Four marketing jobs marketing automation can’t do (according to our robo-agency)

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At needls, marketing automation is how we roll. Our software optimizes social media ads and can even post to your Facebook page – all without a single human involved.

So, why in the world would we write an article advocating against automation?

Because there are certain jobs humans are just better at. Yes, you can save time and money by having computers do certain tasks, such as optimizing Facebook ads. However, there are plenty of jobs humans can do better than computers. Check out the graphic below.


At needls, we hire human strategists, designers, writers, and developers to take our super-automated marketing strategy to the next level.

Now that you have an overview, let’s dive deep into the jobs that humans should have a hand in to make the best use of your technology:

1) Writing & design.

The needls robot may be able to maximize the performance of your Facebook ads, but it needs some creative juice to get started. 

That’s where writing and design come in:

Sure, artificial intelligence tools exist for small graphic jobs and basic writing tasks, but as of right now, humans outpace computers when it comes to creative tasks. Whether you’re writing the text for an advertisement (also known as the “ad copy”), designing a logo, or choosing your ads’ images, you’ll need to pull out some empathy and creativity to get the job done right.

The words and images in your ads and on your website need to appeal to your potential audience, drive action, reflect your own goals, AND align with your brand. Machine learning has a long way to go when it comes to reading and replicating empathy. So a human needs to be at the wheel for these tasks.

2) Marketing strategy.

“What are your goals in running Facebook ads? How much money will you invest in your campaign? What advertising will you do at the same time? How will you measure return on investment?”

These are just a few of the questions computers can’t definitively answer for you. Hello, human marketing strategist!

Don’t get me wrong, we marketing strategists love automation and reporting. But taking all that information and turning it into a full campaign plan is a complicated job, one that requires creativity and innovation at every turn. While algorithms can help make suggestions, the rigidity of computer systems doesn’t always pair well with the flexibility needed to adjust marketing budgets, strategies, and messaging based on internal and external factors. Having a marketing-savvy human overseeing all your automated campaigns will ensure your brand voice is on the right track.

3) Public relations.

Public relations experts often rely on networks and relationships to reach their clients’ goals. Having a professional in the driver’s seat usually leads to way better results than a mass-distributed press release.

Just like strategists, PR folks use digital tools all the time to help to research outlets, nurture relationships and track results. But when you’re dealing with the media, a one-on-one and a custom press release go a long way. The emotional intelligence, trust building abilities, and communication skills needed make humans the best choice for Public Relations.

4) Event planners and brand ambassadors.

Who doesn’t like a good conversation, free stuff, or a fun game? Brands who use engagement marketing boost sales by sharing memorable experiences with their potential customers.

Whether you’re handing out free t-shirts or showing off an innovative trade booth, the smiling people engaging with your audience are critical to your success. Not only will a positive human interaction leave a stronger imprint, but having a person at the helm can help answer questions and make sure everything runs smoothly. Even if you want to offer a fully automated experience, the job of planning and designing that experience requires a lot of problem-solving and nuance. If your company is trying their hand at engagement marketing, talented people should definitely be involved.

Make the most of marketing automation and human resources

If you run a small business or are a solopreneur, you might not have the budget to hire experts in all these fields. Don’t worry! You can learn how to do these tasks yourself, hire freelancers to fill in the gaps, or ask your current staff to take on some marketing responsibilities.

Plus! Automation tools like needls can help you take advantage of powerful technology. This will allow you and your team to focus on the more creative “human” tasks. The right combination of people, computers, and strategy critical to growing your business!


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