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Gurunanda Case Study

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Varun Ish Nanda is the Creative Director of Gurunanda.com and had the challenge of reconstructing their social media marketing efforts and Facebook advertising. He has been with needls since January 2018. Currently, Varun has a total of
11 campaigns.


  • CTR tripled during the first four Facebook advertising campaigns.
  • Significant increase in traffic to the business.
  • CPC dropped 70% during the first four campaigns.
  • Cost Per Action dropped over 80%.
Facebook Advertising Results and Stats


Varun Nanda is the Creative Director for GuruNanda, a successful online store specializing in manufacturing and mixing various types of essential oils. Like most online stores, they’re looking to acquire a high number of visitors to their website at an affordable price. Their social media manager had recently left the company, and Varun was left to strategize an online advertising campaign.

Facebook Advertising Results and Stats

Life before Needls

Social marketing fell onto Varun’s shoulders when he was appointed marketing director. Overwhelmed, he simply did not have time to create multiple product campaigns while managing the rest of the marketing department. Without an immediate candidate in sight, Varun came across a Facebook ad about an automated social marketing platform called Needls.

Facebook Advertising Results and Stats

First Impression

“The interface was very straight-forward and I was able to create my first campaign within half an hour,” said Varun. He solicited the help of Needls Success reps, James and Curtis, whom gave him a final assessment of his ad creatives and targeting before the campaign launch. I am very happy with the help from Needls support team!

Facebook Advertising Results and Stats


The Result

After running our first campaign for two weeks, I noticed a significant increase in traffic and activities. Not only did traffic increase, we also noticed a large decrease in Varun’s cost per click and cost per action. This means that Needls was able to quickly zoom in on the  audiences that are more responsive to the Facebook advertising creatives and spend more time on their website.


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