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How chess helps you get the best

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Ever feel like shaking up the interview process? Why not ask applicants to play chess?!

There’s method to this madness. AJ Agrawal wrote a fun piece for INC. in which he says you should watch for these three things in your opponent:

1. How do they react to an early mistake?

When your company makes a crucial mistake, you want people who can deliver under pressure and not panic.”

2. How does time affect their play?

One of the keys in being great in chess and in business is adapting to certain scenarios. The changes in time helps bring that ability to light.”

3. Do they let you win?

What you want is for the interviewee to try his or her hardest to beat you. That is because the best people in your company have to want to win.”

Sounds like he’s on to something. You can read the full article here.


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