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How To Write GREAT Ad Copy

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So you got someone still reading after the headline. Great work! The hardest part is done – a reader wants to know more about your business and you captured their attention. Now you must keep them engaged by backing up what got their attention in the first place. Writing a proper ad description can be tricky, but thankfully we are here to help. Here are few tips on how to get your reader to click your ad by having stellar ad text.

Spark Their Interest

Tell them what your product or service is and what makes you different & better than the rest. You do not have too many characters to play with here so get straight to the point and think of what your best differentiator is and use it to your advantage. 

Make Them WANT Your Product

Speak to the benefits of your product or service. Are you going to save your customer money? Save them time? Enhance their life in any way? Tell them why they should choose you.

Give Them A Call To Action

Having a compelling headline and some descriptive text is great, it tells them what you do. It is equally important to give your reader a reason to click your ad. A call-to-action could be any of the following:

“Buy Online!” “Order Today!” “Call Us Now!” Apply Online!”  “Get A Free No Obligation Quote!” “Sign Up Today For 20% Off!” “Buy Now For Next Day Delivery!”


There is only so much space to in the ad text to get your point across. Think about the reason you are creating your ad and mold the text to suit the reason. There is no one way right way to write awesome ad text. It comes down to what makes you and your business sound the absolute best for the situation.



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