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An in-depth look at needls optimization

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When clients start a campaign with needls they’re taking a huge step toward a simpler work life as the stress of their social media ads is being taken off their shoulders. Believe us when we say that we make lives so much easier! Social media advertising is intimidating and it’s our job to help with that. Our powerful automated optimization methods save people money because they’re ads are being shown to those that are in immediate need of their product, they don’t waste time or money on trial and error optimization methods that are usually just guesses.

Our optimization process is a very intuitive and powerful feature that is constantly evolving. We use data science and machine learning to implement hundreds of optimization methods.

Our goal is to ensure that we maximize your advertising budget by focusing on ads that are performing best and pausing ones that are not.

We’d like to go into a little more detail about our optimization methods and what you can expect in the first eight weeks of your campaign because we get a lot of questions about what people can look forward to. Please keep in mind that the steps below don’t always happen in this order, but each of the steps take place throughout the optimization process.


Baseline Testing 

In the first two weeks we run ads to gather some baseline data. The data we gather includes cost per click, click through rate, conversion rates, and the frequency which is how many times ads are shown to the same people. In these weeks we also gather initial demographics. This includes age, gender, interests and much more. It can take up to two weeks to get statistically significant data for analyzing because we need a larger group of people to collect the data from.

It isn’t wise to base data off of ten clicks when a client’s ad has only been up for a day. We call this baseline testing, we need to be able to compare things using A/B testing. If we create 100 ads for someone, we may run 50 (A) the first week and the other 50 (B) the second so we can compare which performed the best and then adjust the campaign based on the results.

Multivariate Testing 

In the third and fourth week of a campaign we continue A/B testing by comparing different demographics, that way we can continue to make adjustments and optimize ads for best results. If a client is advertising on multiple platforms using needls we will conduct cross platform optimization to see which networks customer ads are doing better on so that their budget gets adjusted accordingly. For example your cost per click on Facebook may be $0.20 , however on Twitter it is $.30. In this case we are going to automatically shift more of your budget to Facebook.

Deep Optimization

In the fifth and sixth weeks of a campaign we take a look at day parting to see what times of the day ads are performing best and then shift the budget for optimum results. If a client’s Facebook ads are receiving more clicks during the morning than their Twitter ads are the needls platform will push more budget to Facebook for that time period. Different audiences are targeted during these weeks to see how the they do in comparison to other audiences – all this helps us find clients their ideal customers.

Customized Audiences 

Rules for bidding are created in weeks seven and eight, for example if someone’s CPC is ten dollars one week and then the same ad increases in price by twenty percent the following week that ad will automatically be paused because the platform can tell it isn’t doing well. On the other hand, if particular ads are working better than others needls will again start shifting the budget so that more dollars are spent on the ads that are performing better.

Once your ad has been running for a number of weeks the platform can focus on frequency.

Frequency tells needls how many times your ad is being shown to the same person. The greater the frequency the more likely your ad will be performing poorly and it’s imperative to start refreshing your campaign with new ads. This is one of the many optimization methods that are done automatically by needls.

Automatic Bid Adjustment is another powerful optimization method. As an example if one ad has a cost per conversion that is 20% lower then the campaign average needls will then automatically lower the bid by an appropriate percentage to help keep your costs per conversion in line with your averages. If after making this change this specific ad still maintains a significantly lower cost per conversion compared to the campaign average needls will automatically pause that ad and shift your budget amongst the other ads accordingly. As needls continues to analyze all ads and conduct extensive A/B.

Neelds optimization is a continuous process that constantly improves ads the longer they run, so as time goes on clients will notice more traffic to their site which is when we pass the torch back to them so they convert visitors into paying customers.

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