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iRehearse Case Study

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Sean Harrington is the co-founder of iRehearse.com.  iRehearse is an app built for those in the dance and arts industry.


  • CTR more than doubled within two weeks through FB advertising
  • Started with a CPC as high as $0.98 down to $0.39 just two weeks later


iRehearse.com is an app for dance studios. It allows instructors, students, parents and alumni to share choreography, music, competition photos and messages privately without the need to share emails, cell numbers or create special groups on social networks.

How did he find needls?

Harrington found needls from a Facebook ad in July 2016 and thought he could use the help with FB advertising.

Why needls?

Harrington is new to Social Media Marketing so he was really looking for a partner to help him. The marketing materials he read were right up his alley and he jumped at the opportunity to leverage a tool to help him grow his business.

How needls Helped

It definitely has helped to get the word out – more people know about iRehearse.com and more studios are downloading the app. Harrington states:

How does Harrington know needls is working for him?

“I have been tracking progress since starting my FB advertising campaign and have really seen a wonderful steady increase [in downloads]”.

needls. vs Self Managed Ads

As Harrington acknowledged that he is a Social Media ads newbie, he could not find another company that could do what needls does – and he certainly was not going to tackle it himself as he seeks to spend time working on his business rather than figuring out the ins and outs of how to market his business via FB advertising effectively.

The Result

While Harrington’s campaign is fairly young, he can already see improvement in his campaign performance going from a CPC as high as $0.98 down to $0.39 just two week later. He has also seen his CTR more than double from week 1 to week 4! Now that’s progress!
Aside from creating and targeting ads, needls does an exceptional job optimizing campaigns to ensure key metrics like these improve over time. With the implementation of FB’s pixel tracking, needls is now able to optimize further for clients who want specific conversions tracked.



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