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Keep your community engaged

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You can get likes on your page- but can you keep your community engaged? Participation from your followers is key. Without that, why even bother posting anything? Here are eight tips and tricks to help you keep your followers happy and captivated:

Provide content that is unique and shareable
The better your content is the further it can go. If you post something that is unique and interesting people will want to share it with their friends, which then broadens your community and could potentially get you new followers.

Include great images
People will react more to your content if it’s paired with great imagery. Spend the time and even money on creating posts with high quality graphics and photos. No one wants to engage with a brand with low quality photos or badly made designs.

Ask Questions (but be prepared to moderate the crowd)
Asking questions and creating polls are a great way to start a conversation with your followers, and even find out valuable information. When doing so keep in mind that there are trolls out there, so you might have to play moderator to make sure things don’t go off the rails. The last thing you want is a bunch of comments that have nothing to do with what you’re talking about or are offensive, so be on the lookout.

Timing is always everything
Timing plays two factors; firstly knowing when in the day to post something. Knowing when your community is most active is key when posting content. Great times to post usually are between 1-4 on weekdays as per Fast Company’s recommendations. The second factor in timing pertains to what’s happening in the world and in the news. Be aware of what’s happening so that you can align your posts with that, or avoid posting at certain times depending on the interactions you want.

Hold a contest
I can’t even tell you how many times I see friends of mine re-posting contests from different companies in hopes that they will win something. It usually follows the same jargon- ” like this page/follow us, share this photo and tag your friends and you could win”. Though this isn’t the most creative way to get engagement up, it does work. Just like creating shareable content, your community can grow from this ( especially if it’s a good prize).

Make a schedule and stick to it
By creating a content schedule, even a basic one like making any five posts a week, will get you on track and also teach your followers to expect certain posts. For example, one of my favorite bands, Pavement posts their song of the week. I literally search for it every week to see what music they are listening to, and to see if I can hear some new music that I can then share with my friends. The possibilities are endless, so come up with something fun and stick with it.

Create a Call to Action
It might seem obvious, but creating a call to action will give your post a purpose. Simple ones like ” learn more” or “sign up” can give your post a life off of the platform you’re posting on. Also creating a CTA that is time sensitive will also increase engagement, as long as it’s worth their while.

And Lastly, Give your brand a voice
By giving your brand a voice, you are giving it a personality. This is key when keeping followers entertained and engaged. You are determining who you want to reach and what your values are. People who want to align themselves with the same values will then want to support your brand. Your community wont just want to follow your brand, they will want to become friends with it.
Follow these tips and you’ll be the brand to follow in no time.


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