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Keep Your Advertising Images REAL!

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It probably goes without saying that if you do not have a great image for your ad, a reader will just scroll past your ad without giving it a second glance. An awesome ad image is the key to having a high converting ad. There has been much debate about what makes a stellar image for an ad, but we have narrowed it down to what we think is the most important aspect about the image – Keep it real and human.

If you are selling a specific product – show the actual product or someone using the product. Ideally, highlight the best features of the product and sell your readers on why your product is better than any of your competitors.

If you are selling your service – use a professional photo of yourself, not a random person offering a similar service. If you are a trendy photographer, look the part and do not use a photo of you from your wedding. Use a picture of you in a trendy outfit. If you are a doctor, use a picture of you in your white coat looking professional.

If you have a digital product – show some cool screenshots of your offering rather than just your logo or graphic.

These points may sound obvious, but next time you scroll through your Facebook newsfeed take notice of which ads you think standout. We bet you’ll agree that keeping it real is the way to go.



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