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Landing on a solution: Leadpages for the win

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Is your business not gaining the online momentum you hoped for? Struggling to make sales? Not sure how to direct customers to a certain call to action? – you’re not alone!

The use of a landing page paired with some powerful social marketing can help your business attract the right audience and most importantly turn them into a specific conversion that’s right for your campaign.

There’s one landing page solution that stands out from the rest and that’s Leadpages. The #1 landing page generator, Leadpages allows you to customize your very own landing page from their well tested and converting library, track your conversions and integrate with the other pieces of your sales funnel.

Before we get too much into how awesome we know Leadpages is, let’s first answer some questions we’re sure you’re asking.

First off, what is a landing page?
Simply put, a landing page (also known as a splash page or squeeze page) is a destination you are redirected to after clicking a certain call to action (CTA). It’s used to funnel traffic and push that traffic to complete an action. These CTAs can be found on social ads, search ads, banner ads etc. What might surprise some is that a landing page is not a full website. It’s directed content that focuses on a specific action with very little distraction. Though the best landing pages have no navigation menus or external links they can still be attractive and eye-catching, in fact the more they are, the better! Take a look at these two photos, one is our needls landing page and the other is our website which includes navigation and more graphics. 

These are some great examples of effective landing pages from Leadpages.

leadpages drag and drop
leadpages example

Why should I use a landing page?
It has been proven that landing pages increase conversions and sales. CTAs are the focus point of landing pages and because they are a controlled environment, they work best when clean and have a clear CTA featured. For example, “signup with your email to receive daily tips about ____”, can be considered a way to generate a conversion if you’re trying to build an email list, or “Like us on Facebook for your chance to win!”, is a good one to increase your Facebook likes if that’s a goal you have. If you get one that is properly made it will have the ability to track metrics allowing you to dig deeper into who your audience is, so you’ll have information that is valuable for future campaigns etc. Leadpages was specifically designed to be used by the small business owner who has zero web design experience, so you don’t really have an excuse to not be using a landing page when they’re so crucial to the foundation of a solid sales funnel.

Did you know?

increase conversionhubspot

How do I get a landing page?

It’s common for people to think that they have to go to a web developer to get them made, but this can be a very expensive and time consuming option. Going to a traditional developer is kind of like asking your mechanic to give you a tattoo. Developers don’t have the knowledge or data to understand what makes a better performing landing page. Saying that, they could still build you one but that would involve you telling them exactly what to do, but to do that you’d have to be a landing page expert in order to create a proper functioning page. For small businesses who don’t have the marketing knowledge or web design know-how to guide the developer in exactly what they want, money can be wasted very easily. This is where Leadpages comes in and saves the day. Anyone can use the platform to create good looking and highly effective landing pages with the simple drag and drop feature it offers or pre-loaded templates.

leadpages drag and drop


This is sounding expensive and risky…
Wrong! It really doesn’t have to be. The first step is setting up a sales funnel which can be created through successful social media advertising, to accomplish this you can go one of two ways. The first being running your own social ads (possibly not targeting the right people) and then going to a designer and developer yourself, which will cost you way more than you expected as mentioned above. Then there’s the cheaper and more effective alternative of going with the one-two punch of Leadpages + needls.

The duo allows you to generate the right traffic and turn that traffic into money in your pocket. Here at needls we’ve seen the power of what Leadpages can do, not only for our users, but for us as well. We started as a user of Leadpages and loved the easy to use system so much we knew a partnership with them would be a great idea. Of course there are other good options out there too like Clickfunnels, Unbounce, and Lander – just to name a few. You have to shop around to see what works best for you and your needs.

To find out more about needls and Leadpages click here and you’ll only pay $1/month for the first 2 months on the Leadpages platform.

Want to read more about landing pages? Check out this article in Entrepreneur, it describes even more in depth why landing pages are a necessity for business owners.




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