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Love and Kisses Pet Sitting – Case Study

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Maureen McCarthy is the founder of Love & Kisses Pet Sitting, based in North Carolina, just outside of Charlotte. Optimization helped get her ads in front of the right people.


  • 380 New Visitors
  • Demand became too high to handle, and had to expand her workforce
  • Over 71K Ad Views Overall


Love and Kisses Pet Sitting does exactly what their name suggests. They are an established pet sitting and pet walking service in the rural town of Union County, North Carolina just outside of Charlotte. From dog walking to pet sitting and grooming, they have been serving pet owners properly for years lead by Maureen McCarthy.

The Challenge

Like most small business owners, Love and Kisses was looking to generate new business to fill up open spots in during the summer months while families are off work and school and look to take their summer vacations. While Love and Kisses is established, they knew they can do more so they searched for a way to grow.

How She Found needls

Maureen was browsing her Facebook newsfeed one afternoon and spotted a needls Facebook ad (go figure!). She took the bait and she was hooked!

Why needls?

“I like that all I had to do was set and forget it…You all did the rest of the work.”
Maureen certainly does not shy away from work – running a company for 10 years, she understands what it takes to be successful in business. That being said, she knows what she is good at and she knows what to leave up to the pros!
All Maureen had to do was set up her campaign with needls and her job was done. Targeting, optimization and most importantly – bringing new clients to Love and Kisses was all done by needls.

Is needls working for Love and Kisses?

“I had to hire more pet sitters to keep up with calls coming in,” said McCarthy.
In just over a month (April 22nd to May 29th) needls generated 380 website visitors to Love and Kisses’ website for only $271.50. That is an average cost per visitor of $0.71. While that may seem high to you, Maureen simply could not keep up with the demand for her service and had to shut off her advertising with needls shortly thereafter.

Targeting and Optimization Results

Love and Kisses enjoyed the fruits of needls labour – the targeting and optimization was exceptional and even in just a short period of time, there were results – too many for them to count.
“I have received so many phone calls since signing up”

Is needls Effective?

Many of Love and Kisses clients hang out on social media.
“That is where all my clients tell me that they found me,” said McCarthy.
She’s right. Not only did needls. Send 380 visitors to their website, there was social engagement that led to many sales as well.
Over 200 people engaged with Love and Kisses because of their ads with needls. This means people actually commented, shared and liked what Love and Kisses was offering – all because of needls.

needls vs. Own Ads

Maureen is no stranger to advertising on Social Media. “I was trying to do it for so long,” said McCarthy.
Love and Kisses is not alone. Needls has many clients who have tried their hand at advertising on Social Media to only come to the platform for some much needed relief.

Any Words for Prospective needls Clients?

“Go for it!!  It is reasonable and it will pay for itself. These guys know what they are doing.  Believe me, when I say my phone was ringing off the hook!!!”


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