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Keys to managing sales leads

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If you’re actively promoting your business through digital advertising and it’s being done correctly you should be seeing a lot more traffic to your site. When you get those leads you need to pounce on them and convert them to paying customers as quickly as possible to keep cash flow up. But how do you do this? Here are some tips and tricks that have worked for the needls founders over the years.

Most of the time when someone clicks on an ad for a product or service they are looking for that thing sooner rather than later so act fast. If you don’t jump on a lead you may lose them to a competitor.

Don’t come off strong…be a problem solver!
Don’t throw the full sales pitch at them right away, build a relationship with them and find out what their problem is and explain how you can fix it. Remember, you don’t want it to seem like all you care about is how much money you’re making off of them. Be sensitive and help them find a solution, they are more likely to stick around as a customer and recommend you to friends and family if you build that connection up front.


Communicate their way
Follow up with leads using the same method of communication they used to contact you. If they phoned give them a call back, if it was through email shoot them one back and if it was over social media respond back that way. Potential customers typically use the easiest method of communication for themselves so be aware enough to contact them the same way.

Do follow ups
A lot of people only follow up once with a lead and then don’t try again if they don’t get anywhere with it, this is a huge mistake. People are busy and things come up so keep pursuing it. We’re not saying to call ten times a day but you should be persistent enough to at least get a yes or no response. If you have an initial call with them be sure to send a follow up email with more info right after it.

Use a CRM
Platforms like Hubspot, Salesforce and Base are great CRM tools that help you stay organized and meet your goals. If you don’t have the means to use one then at the very least you should have a well organized excel sheet.

Follow the ABCs
Always. Be. Closing.

You need to try to make every lead a paying customer, of course that isn’t going to happen but that needs to be your goal in order to be a success. Keep going with a lead until you’ve exhausted all options and if they still aren’t interested add them to a list of people to follow up with several months down the road because you could be just what they’re looking for at that time.


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