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Here at needls, we’re always trying to serve our users better. While our core product was designed with SMBs (small and medium size businesses) in mind, we’ve seen professional marketers and agencies jump through hoops just to use our platform for their clients. For months these users have been asking us if we have something better suited to their needs, with pro-level features advertising experts need.

Needls.AGENCY is the first ever fully automated advertising solution that was created specifically for digital marketing professionals. Whether an agency has been around for several years and has an established clientbase or is a new firm that’s just starting out, needls.AGENCY helps you take on new clients and make more money all while you save time and resources.

Everything you know and love about the 24/7 RoboAgency does what marketers have dreamed about for years, around the clock optimization, real time monitoring of social posts and one click reporting – that’s right we said it – one.click.reporting.

We also offer direct client billing and unbranded/custom branding where you want it – so your clients don’t have to know you’re using our service.

Let needls review and manage your client campaigns while you focus on what you do best. Save time, serve more clients, and take credit for our results; that’s needls.AGENCY.




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