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Introducing needls.ENGAGE

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Our programmers have been working away in the needls labs creating a brand new feature to our system that makes the lives of small business owners even easier!

In addition to advertising on social media another integral thing that SMB owners need to keep in mind is the importance of having active social media business pages.

It looks terrible when potential customers want to learn more about your business and decide to visit your social media pages and you don’t have any recent posts. It gives off the impression that you either aren’t in business anymore or you don’t care about your online presence, which we know isn’t the case and that you simply don’t have time to run your business and post on social media.

We at needls want to make sure this never happens to our users which is why we created needls.ENGAGE!

This exciting new addition to our platform is a free (we know you love free – so do we!) add-on that helps our users have a very active social presence without having to do any work.

needls.ENGAGE curates trending content that’s relevant to your business. We share the content to our user’s Facebook Business Page followers which can improve engagement and lead to new customers and followers. An active Facebook Business Page adds credibility to your business and shows prospective customers that you are on top of the latest news and trends in your industry. In addition to adding credibility, this aids in needls’ efforts to drive incredibly targeted and high converting traffic to your business. A by-product of this important service is furthering organic reach, sales and the ability to nurture your existing following. As it is said it is often cheaper to retain a customer then it is to acquire a new one.

Let’s be honest – who doesn’t want new customers that are organic and free, while at the same time reminding those who already evangelize for you to come back and spend more money.

The content we find is the best of the best as we scan over 4,500 sources on a daily basis. This just further helps us reach our goal of helping small business owners by allowing them to do what they do best while we take care of their social ads and now their social posts too!

Do you have questions about this new feature? Get in touch with us at contact@needls.com.



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