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Needls. officially launches

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March 3, 2015

Social media lead generation tool “needls.” officially launches

When: Tuesday, March 3, 2015

TORONTO – The game-changing social media lead generation tool needls. is officially launching. After the successful launch of their beta version, the needls. team is ready to make this service available to the masses. For the first time ever, an affordable and effective means of generating leads via social media is now accessible to small and medium-sized businesses, independent professionals and entrepreneurs.

This software as a service (SAAS) for the everyday business person is ingenious. Needls.’ intent engine takes a user-defined list of hot, targeted industry keywords and filters through Twitter and Facebook (with plans to branch out to other social platforms) to deliver real time sales leads. What’s more, many of these leads are relationship-based or local, so you already have an in with these prospects.

The beauty of the service is its simplicity. Needls. removes any learning curve or technology barriers from the process. An intentionally seamless user experience means needls. facilitates a sales effort and cycle that feeds directly into the activities users are already undertaking. Needls. simply fills up the user’s pipeline with missed opportunities.

In the last several months, the needls. team has grown from three members to 12, and has moved into new offices to accommodate this growth. The company’s agency platform already has hundreds of agencies on board with thousands of clients under them. They’ve also been approved for a sizeable government grant – a sign of more great things to come.

“Our mantra is simply to grow your business. We’re in the business of helping those people who are the backbone of the economy – the small local business, the realtor, the plumber, the event planner, the list just goes on. We want to be successful on the coattails of our users success,” says Justin Hartzman, needls. CEO and co-founder.

Those wanting to join should do so soon to take advantage of introductory pricing for both of needls. paid account types – Harvester ($39.95/month) and Cultivator ($69.95/month). You can sign up today at www.needls.com/welcome.

Normally the price points would be $69.95/month for Harvester and $89.95/month for Cultivator. Needls.’ prices are purposely attainable to everyone and the service adds directly to their bottom line. One closed lead in most cases pays for a year’s worth of the service. Now imagine 10 to 100 a month based on industries.

The needls. team strives to help small business owners, entrepreneurs and independent professionals grow their businesses. To find out more about needls. visit www.needls.com and watch this fun video:
Background on Founders:

Justin Hartzman – CEO:
Coming from a long line of traditional entrepreneurs and investors, Justin has blazed his own path to success in the online world by having the ability to identify gaps in markets. Justin’s unwavering optimistic outlook make him a true leader and motivator, pushing his team to achieve excellence. Justin has completed exits in his past ventures and is a pioneer of the web brokerage industry as we know it today.

Role: Management, vision, direction, business relations, sales

Jeremy Poriah – COO:
As a lifelong entrepreneur, Jeremy has created and built a multitude of businesses. An outside-the-box thinker, Jeremy has a passion for platform and giving users what they seek. He strives to deliver and is a leader in his space.

Role: Platform and Technology

Michael Koral – CFO:
Michael spent many years learning from other prolific online entrepreneurs and climbing the ranks at thriving Internet based marketing firms. Analytics, KPI, financial forecasts, modeling and sales – this is Michael’s world.

Role: Finances, analytics, support

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Daniela Costa
Public Relations Manager
(647) 499-6700


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