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Needls. X HubSpot: A Match Made in Heaven

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The key to a good marketing strategy is having every stage of your funnel accounted for, and that’s what makes the needls x Hubspot integration a match made in heaven. HubSpot, an inbound marketing powerhouse, is loaded with features and tools that cover email marketing, landing pages and websites, content marketing, SEO and social media management, covering pretty much every aspect of your marketing funnel, from awareness to consideration to conversion and advocacy. But now, with the needls x HubSpot integration, HubSpot users can now open up the top of their funnel tenfold with social media advertising. Faster Campaign Creation to Make Things Easier

Faster Campaign Creation to Make Things Easier

You probably didn’t think that creating a social media campaign could get any easier – did you? As if minimizing the campaign creation process to a mere four steps wasn’t enough, we’ve gone ahead and made it easier… way easier. By leveraging your HubSpot data, you can create your campaign with a click of a few buttons – and that’s all you need to do! Your campaign name, landing page, keywords and more, are all imported automatically.

HubSpot Keywords to Identify Buying Signals

Ever wonder how people are talking about your product or service? Ever hope you could get your ad in front of the people who actually have an intent to purchase your product? Well, that’s exactly what we do! With the use of data science and AI, we’ve created a proprietary purchase intent search engine.

We take your HubSpot keywords and create hundreds of relevant synonyms so we can find people who express a need or want for your product or service by monitoring social media conversations, posts and tweets in real time. Once we identify these buying signals, we show your ads to these people for optimal targeting.

Custom Audiences with HubSpot Contacts

What if, with a click of a button we could retarget your ads to your pre-existing leads? Or what if you could create lookalike audiences of people who have already purchased or signed up for your product without having to actually compile a list? Well, with the needls x Hubspot integration, you can! Just autosync your Hubspot contacts to create lookalike and custom audiences automatically. That’s it! We’ll test these against our system generated audiences to speed up the optimization process and get your campaign the best results possible.

Psst – here’s a picture of our two super savvy Co-Founders at the Inbound Marketing Conference in Boston, where we announced our integration!

Are you ready to take your marketing to the next level and open up the top of your sales funnel? You should be – because we’ve made it irresistibly simple.

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