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XeroShoes – Case Study

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Steven Sashen is a small business owner who operates a thriving e-commerce business, XeroShoes.


  • Low CPC of $0.04 by month 4 of Facebook Advertising
  • Doubled his CTR
  • 3X ROI


Sashen’s website, XeroShoes.com, sells super-comfortable lightweight sandals for walking, running, hiking, working out, water sports and, well, pretty much anything!

How did he find needls?

Like most of our customers, Sashen found needls through, you guessed it, a Facebook ad!

Why needls?

Sashen is not your average business owner – he always is seeking out new technologies and he was curious to see if needls was as good as it sounded from the ad he saw and the marketing materials he read. “I’m always up for testing new ad methods and platforms and with the initial credit when I signed up, it was a low-risk test.”

The Challenge

Like most business owners, Sashen did not have the time needed to manage everything they wanted to do with Facebook and Instagram marketing at XeroShoes. As well, Sashen has had difficulties trying to scale all of the other marketing methods he is using. Finally – ROI – he needs to make sure that everything they do has at least a 3X return.

What features of needls made it easier for him to advertise on Social Media?

“It was basically set-and-forget”, said Sashen, “The optimization has helped us spend money where it’s most effective.”

How is needls. helping XeroShoes.com grow its business?

Simply put, needls puts the best Facebook and Instagram ads in front of XeroShoes’ best potential customers.

How does Sashen know needls is working for him?

Sashen has been tracking to see how many people who see the Facebook and Instagram ads then click on it and purchase shoes from his store. Since launching his campaign in April 2016, needls has delivered him 96 conversions. 96 people bought a product from XeroShoes.com as a direct result of the advertising campaign. He was using Google Analytics to track these results, but now with the new FB Tracking Pixel that needls supports, he will get even better data.

Why does Sashen feel needls. is an effective way to advertise his business on Social Media?

Simply put – “It’s able to test and optimize more campaigns than I could do on my own.” He, like most other business owners, don’t have the time to create all the ads, manage the audience optimization, and adjust bids… needls is doing that for him.

What other information do you think a prospective needls customer would like to know from a current, happy needls client?

“For the first 2 or 3 weeks, I wasn’t seeing a positive return on my ad spend with needls. I contacted them to report this and they said, “Give it another week. It can take 2-4 weeks until the algorithm really starts to work.” I figured I’d give it a shot… and they were right! The next
week my campaign became profitable.”

The Result

XeroShoes.com has seen a 3X decrease in cost per click and over 2X increase in CTR since starting their needls campaign. Optimization never stops at needls which will ensure this campaign is the best it can be in helping drive more conversions on XeroShoes.com.

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