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Positive vibe: Using your social accounts to make an impact

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2016 has been a rough year. We can all agree on that. If there is anything we can learn from this past year it’s to stand together and make a positive impact with everything we do, including using our social media voice for the better.

Aligning your brand with a good cause not only humanizes your channels but is also just a darn good thing to do, and most consumers expect it these days. The world has become more socially aware, and so should your brand. If you have access to a large audience why not reach out to them to make an impact on a cause or problem. Put aside selling your products or promoting your company – in the end you will end up doing that anyway – which is a plus, but not the end result of this. In this situation it’s to be an effective influencer.

It’s much more than just sharing an article or commenting on a social event – you have to stand behind what you say. Don’t post or support something if you don’t actually believe in the cause because that will inevitably cause backlash. There is this term coined Causewashing that has been floating around which refers to this. Essentially your followers will know if you’re just jumping on a bandwagon to make it look like your company is good; so don’t fake it. If your brand’s core values line up with a certain cause, movement, or event then it’s probably a safe bet it’s a good choice to stand behind it.

Remember- you can be creative with this. Some great examples include Tom’s and Under Armour.  The more creative the better really. If you create something that’s worth sharing, your consumers will do so. By this you reach an even bigger audience and that way you can make an even bigger impact with your cause.

Your options are limitless, and your voice is strong – so start the new year off on a positive note and transmit some good into the world.



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