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What your relevance score tells you

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Relevance score – another one of those terms that wouldn’t be familiar to you unless you have experience in marketing, but it’s something you need to be aware of if you’re running social advertising campaigns.

Ads should always be shown to the people that are most relevant to them, and that’s what the relevance score tells you. When people are shown ads that are of interest to them it’s more likely that they will engage with your ad leading to better overall performance. This also creates a better user experience for Facebook users which is very important to the network.

Facebook wants to increase the likelihood that your ad will resonate with the target audience. To determine this Facebook will analyze the ad copy, your creative and website and compare that to the targeting set on your campaign to help determine its relevancy score.

Over time the relevancy score will change based off of the positive and negative feedback the ad receives. Positive feedback is determined by the number of times Facebook expects people to interact with your ad such as clicking your ad, visiting your website, etc.

On the other hand if Facebook thinks that an ad may get hidden or reported a lot then the relevancy score drops.

Let’s say you are selling yoga pants and you choose broad targeting of men and women, aged 18-65 living in the United States, your audience is not well defined and likely will lead to a low relevance score. Whereas if your ad were targeted to a more defined and relevant audience such as women aged 18-35 , who are interested in yoga you’ll likely receive a much higher relevance score.

Your ad’s relevancy score can change dramatically based on the ad creative, and ad copy even if you are sending the traffic to the same website with the same offer. Keep in mind that an ad that once had a high score can over time have a much lower score as the audience may have grow tired of it. This is an indicator that it’s time to refresh your ads with new creatives, and copy.

Luckily if you’re a user of our platform you don’t have to worry about relevancy scores at all. Our optimization process handles them for you as well as every other piece of your optimization. Finding the right audience for your ads is core to the needls product. The relevance score tells you how your ad is perceived in the eyes of the audience.

You’re spending your hard earned money on your ads, so why not make sure they are reaching the right people? contact@needls.com for more info. 


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