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Say good bye to old school email marketing

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Do you have lots of contacts but not enough sales qualified leads? It’s time to update on how you stay in touch with your contacts. But how can you do it easily and affordably as a small business owner? The answer is a matter of finding the right combinations of software which can help you stay on track with the changing world of email communications.

How well do you know email?

You might be thinking, “I know how to use email, I have an account and use it every day, how hard could email marketing be?” – it’s a fair thought and one that many people have but trust us when we say good email marketing and constant communication is critical when running a biz and it needs to be done properly.

Your goal is to try and fill your sales funnel as much as possible – once you get leads from advertising you need to help nurture them into satisfied, paying customers. So staying in touch with them is the best way to do that.

Do you know how to make sure your open rates are higher? Do you have access to reports that you can monitor to see which marketing emails you send work better? If not, you’re in need of a specialized platform to optimize, track and automate your lead nurturing process.

Gone are the old school ways of creating a pdf doc and then pasting it in the body copy of your email. Farewell to the copy and paste strategy of “custom emails”. These old school methods not only waste time for you, but also waste time of the small business owners you’re trying to gain.

Does email design matter?

YES. Content and design are the biggest factors to take into consideration when it comes to your email marketing campaigns. Platforms like Mailchimp and Intercom have layouts that are professional looking and can easily be changed without much effort. Sloppy emails that look like they were copied and pasted together won’t get much traction, some may get sent directly to spam. Be sure to include your logo as well as contact information and any important links in each so that people can follow up.

Gain trust by diversifying your email content

Make sure you are not only sending out sales content–too much solicitation can be off-putting (you don’t want to sound like an infomercial). Sharing content that matters to your clients (educational, event-based, news-based) will give you better credibility. You will appear knowledgeable and interested in something other than making the sale. Sharing news about your company is also valuable and sharable, and gives the reader a little insight on who you are as a company.

The plethora of email automation platforms available can provide you with amazing insight into how your campaigns are doing. Don’t be afraid to try new things, you’ll be surprised how the slightest changes to a subject line or first sentence can affect the overall results of an email.

Here is an example of a needls email that was sent out recently:

Finally, another important factor in email marketing is frequency and consistency. How often are you reaching out to your prospects? What about your undecided clients? Are you making sure your brand remains relevant?

Remember, the sales funnel is what you’re trying to fill and an email automation system coupled with a social advertising platform like needls is the one-two punch you need to stay top-of-mind to your leads. Once needls finds you qualified leads, you should then be keeping them in the loop with what’s happening with your biz and how you can help them. Foster relationships and do everything you can to make conversions!


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