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Scheduling posts at the optimal time

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Continuing on with our digital marketing advice, here’s another tip:

Tip #2: Scheduling posts at the optimal time

Since you’ve already gone ahead and written up a whole bunch of content to post, it’s now time to start scheduling these posts.

You never know how busy your workday can get. You might plan to manually post an update on social media, only to find that a client or potential investor just dropped by. All sorts of things can happen that will throw your schedule off.

Instead, schedule your posts in advance. You can do that yourself on Facebook (and on Twitter by connecting your Facebook to it), or use a social media tool that will allow you to easily do that.

Remember to also keep in mind that timing is everything. Use Facebook Insights and tools like FollowerWonk for Twitter to figure out what the best times to post are.

Your time is valuable, so make the most of it.


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