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AzTech Doors & Windows Case Study

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Myron Sloutsky is the Owner of AzTech Doors & Windows. He didn’t know A THING about social media prior to Needls.


  • 10x ROI
  • Gained  an understanding of social media marketing

The Summary

Aztech Doors & Windows’s owner Myron Sloutsky has recently been introduced to the world of social media by one of his friends. One problem remains, however, that Myron has never ran a social campaign on his own, and was struggling to find good, affordable help in the market. That’s when he found needls.

The Challenge

His doors and windows installation business was growing rapidly. Started from a humble root, Myron and his business partner Dimitri were able to grow a local installation crew to a reputable business that services the Greater Toronto Area. With the introduction of the Ontario GreenON fund, which encourages families to adopt energy efficient home upgrades, business was booming. He has recently updated his website, and began and began to dip his toes in social media. Myron is what we would classify as a complete social media newbie. He wanted to build a lead generation campaign to attract homeowners.

How did Myron start with Needls?

Myron found Needls like everyone else, through one our own Facebook ads. After watching the short explainer video, he signed up. Not knowing what to do, he reached out to Needls’ success team on live chat. His User Success Rep James quickly reached out to Myron and asked him about his business. Then James guided Myron through the the 4 step campaign setup.

The Result

Myron ran his campaign for two months and will continue the campaign in the foreseeable future. The reason was very straight-forward: for every $1000 of ad spend, Myron was getting over $10,000 worth of additional business.

Social Media Marketing Campaign Results


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