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Spread holiday cheer and gain new customers

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‘Tis the season for giving which also happens to be a great way to attract new customers. This time of year people are scouring the Internet looking for presents for loved ones or services to help prepare them for upcoming parties – so why not reel new customers in with an offer they can’t refuse!

Depending on the type of service or product you’re selling there are different incentives you can give people because there’s nothing that’s more attractive than a sweet deal, especially at this time when everyone has shopping on their mind.

Do you sell some great homemade candles, why not offer a BOGO deal (buy one get one free), or offer free shipping. Sell beauty items? Offer free samples when people spend $50 or more on an order. Are you a dentist? Why not offer 20% off teeth whitening services so people’s teeth look merry and bright for the holidays!

Be creative with your offerings, see what similar businesses are doing and then one-up them, sweeten the pot to make your deal more lucrative.

Chances are if you offer a great deal word will get out among friends and you’ll see an increase in traffic from word of mouth as well.

Something we did for Thanksgiving was offered a certain amount of dollars off per month for twelve months starting next year and we had great success with it.

Be creative and try to offer a deal that can’t be missed but still benefits your company.

Happy gifting!


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