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Take advantage of lookalike audiences

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Once you’ve proven that a certain type of consumer likes to use your product or service why not find more of these people to bring in even more customers by using lookalike audiences?

If you use a platform like needls we can analyze very specific data from your customers such as their interests on Facebook or their hobbies. By using this information you can find people with similar likes and interests in hopes that they are also your ideal customer.

Using lookalike audiences gives you a higher chance of conversion which is why they are popular. You can create lookalike audiences based off of the demographics of your custom audience.

lookalike audiences

Most of the time the demographics that are used to create lookalike audiences include gender, age, location and interests. Interests can include anything from favourite tv shows, movies, music, brand affinities, and even relationship status, children and much more.

Unfortunately custom audiences can be hard to create and test on your own and work best when used on a platform like needls.

As a RoboAgency, needls uses predictive, programmatic and intent driven methods but lookalike audiences help us make models and calculations from past successes.

As an example needls. will automatically compare the performance of a lookalike audience campaign to your main campaign and determine which is performing best. In addition needls will layer in other targeting options to customize your lookalike campaign and continue to test and compare to find the best audience for your product.

So if we know that you have customers who are women ages 20-35, married with 2 children,who are interested in yoga and pilates and watch Game of Thrones and other HBO shows, we can look for similar demographics in other people because they have a better chance of being customers.

While custom audiences allow highly targeted ads, and campaigns they often have their limitations. For example if you have a customer list of 3,000 people that only allows the social networks to display your ad to up to 3,000 people. With lookalike audiences you can expand your audience from 3,000 people often to 100,000 or more people who “lookalike” or have similar interests and demographic makeup.

Lookalike audience tools are built into each network but are highly underused but we take full advantage of them at needls and use it as just another step in targeting and optimizing your ads to help you get the most out of your advertising dollars.


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