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The social media leads funnel

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Sales and marketing teams are often at odds with each other. Usually that’s because sales people are frustrated with the poor quality leads that marketing personnel hand them. That’s particularly the case when it comes to social media leads. Not every lead is ready to just be handed over. If you work in marketing, you need to recognize this and only pass along leads that are ready, as well as work towards readying those that aren’t.

Filter your leads. In order, consider doing the following:

1. Make available general information that would be of interest to your target audience (but request contact information before they can access it).

2. Make available information that is more closely related to your industry and the kinds of products and services you offer (again, request contact information before they can access it).

3. Publish a call to action form on your website and post a link to it on your social media accounts buffered between the content mentioned in steps 1 and 2. This way clients who are ready to get right into business have an easy way of doing so.

Don’t send leads who fall in category 1 to your sales people. They’re not ready to buy. Even those that fall in category 2 may not be ready, so test them first. Of course, category 3 leads are ready to go and your sales team will love you for bringing those forth.

The leads that aren’t ready should be followed up with by email and/or social media. Give them more of that great content they appreciated in the first place. Warm them up to the idea and you may soon find yourself with a new batch of sales leads.


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