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To meme or not to meme?

3 mins read

Connecting your brand with a younger pop culture-savvy demographic can sometimes be a struggle, so a lot of companies have been incorporating memes into their marketing. This however can either really help or really hurt your brand. You want people to say “yaaaas” to your brand and not, “oh hell no”.

If you have to make it work – then it doesn’t.
The beauty of the meme is the simplicity in its humour. If you’re trying too hard with it then it’s probably not relevant and you’re really not that funny. Some of the funniest memes are the most basic ones. Take a starter pack meme for example, it’s essentially just a list of things you associate with an archetype, and we laugh at that because it’s usually true. Like right now- I’m looking at a Startup Starter pack (say that five times fast jeez) and it’s making me smile and kind of uncomfortable because- yep I can relate.

The perfect mix of laughter and self realization
People like memes not only because they are funny, but because they are relatable. One of the biggest underlying meanings the memes of 2016 have in common is the fact that you can relate to them, and most of the time you kinda hate yourself for doing so but that’s what makes it so enjoyable. It’s fun to laugh at yourself, but you have to make sure people aren’t laughing at your brand. The key is to make them laugh with you.

Be Current
Timing is a big thing with memes. Every few months there is a new meme that pops up, so don’t get caught using an outdated one. By doing so you’re just showing your fan base that you have no idea what you’re doing, and they might even make a meme out of you for doing so. There are many resources that can help with this, but one of the easiest ones to access is Instagram. Even by going on the explore page for a few minutes you can see patterns of what’s hot rn ( ‘right now’ for those not in the know).

Bottom line is – memes are easy to make, easy to share and of course; even easier to screw up. As long as you are knowledgeable, stay relevant, and don’t try to push it too far then incorporating memes into your marketing plan will be easier than figuring out to listen to yourself or your inner self, (see how easy that is?).


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