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What is a CTA and how to effectively use it

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As if creating incredible well written ad copy and graphic elements isn’t hard enough. You also need to make sure your ad is informative and engaging, so someone takes action and have it convert into a sale or new customer. But what is a Call to Action or what we call CTA in the industry? When creating your ads, in addition to making sure the copy makes sense and is informative and you’ve selected appropriate images you need to have a call to action.

A CTA provokes an immediate response in the people that view your ads. It can be as simple as saying “visit our site”, “call now”, “come in today”.

CTAs can vary in intensity. Something like “find out more” isn’t as direct as “order now”, so you need to figure out which works best for your ad.

Creating urgency with your CTAs is important, you don’t want people to see it and decide they’ll think about it or go to your site later. People should want to click for fear of missing out. #FOMO

Try testing different CTAs to see which work best for you. Sample them using a “call us” method as well as an “email us” one. Do split testing and keep track of the results. There are apps that can help you with this but it’s best to just track it on your own when starting out and make adjustments as you see fit.

It’s important to use CTAs so that people that see your ads have a clear understanding of what the next steps are. They don’t need to wonder how to get in touch or where they can go to learn more.

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CTAs should be placed at the bottom or the end of an ad and should be the last message people see. Try to avoid using big words or words that are industry specific unless you’re trying to target that specific industry.

Keep in mind that CTAs are most effective when they take people to a specific landing page that tells them even more about your product or service.

Remember, your CTA is the last thing people will read so make sure it grabs the attention of the reader, basically slapping them in the face, because if it doesn’t than you’re most likely losing potential customers to businesses that have better CTAs than you.


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