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What is CTR?

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You have all these great ads that you’re hoping will help you connect with more customers by advertising on social media, but in order to tell if they are working you’ll need to pay attention to the CTR of each ad.

What is CTR? (brace yourself, there’s math ahead!)

Click through rate is the ratio of how many people that see your ad actually click on it. It is found by the number of clicks your ad received divided by the number of times it’s shown expressed as a percentage.


If you had five clicks and 1000 impressions then your CTR would be 0.5%.

Paying close attention to your CTR trends gives you valuable insight into whether you’re getting value for the money you’re spending on your campaigns.


Insight into whether your audience is showing interest in your advertisement. Facebook ads have an average CTR of .9%. Campaigns that have relatively low CTRs tend to get less impressions, and as a result you’ll find that you are having to spend more dollars on your campaign to get visitors to your website.

If you notice that your CTR is low try adjusting your ad, make changes to the design, keywords, offer or adjust your targeting. This is especially important if you’re taking care of your social media advertising by yourself or if you’re using a dashboard to “help” you.

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We aren’t going to lie, playing around with your ads in order to achieve high CTR can be time consuming, but it’s something you need to do in order for you to get traffic to your site and have a high conversion rate (we’ll talk conversions and how to be successful with them soon).




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