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What Makes A GREAT Ad Headline?

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A headline is a tease for what your ad is about, grab attention with it!

Your advertising headline is the very first thing someone will see when viewing your ad so it should be compelling and grab the reader’s’ attention right away. We’ve seen many bad examples of headlines, but rather than harp on the negative we’d like to offer you some tips for making your headline outstanding.

Follow these tips to help create awesome headlines.

Help Solve A Problem

If you are advertising any sort of offering, chances are it helps solve a problem. Keep within this theme when it comes to your headline. Think about what your customers’ problems are and use this headline to point out how your product or service can solve it.

Be Funny!

No one ever said advertising can’t be funny. Don’t be afraid to add some humor into the ad. You probably have a better chance of a reader looking closer at your ad if you can get a little chuckle out of them.

Use Compelling Numbers or Statistics

Pick a stat within your industry that will WOW the reader. If you are able to leverage a key statistic that you think will capture a reader’s attention then go for it!

Ask A Question

Get your readers to think. It is always a good way to pique someone’s interest. If you have a compelling question your reader will want to know more!

Keep It Short & Sweet

Most headlines are only 25 characters long – that’s it! So you really need to get your point across very quickly. Whether you are helping to solve a problem, are being funny, picking a great statistic or asking a question keep this in mind.

Want some more tips? Check out Yahoo’s Small Business article on the 21 Tips for Writing Great Ad Headlines.


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