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Things to do when business is slow

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If you’ve experienced some recent slow periods in sales don’t feel bad, it happens to all businesses. Cash keeps the doors open and when sales are slower than normal there are a few things you can do to bridge the gap and flatten out the ebs and flows.


Reach out to your current and past clients and ask them to give you a testimonial. There’s so much you can do with positive customer testimonials, you can send them out to your email list and post them all over your social media accounts. Also include them on your website so new customers can see them easily. It looks good when you believe in your business but it looks great when others say how great it is too.


Create a questionnaire and send it out to previous and current customers, include questions about what changes they think your business could benefit from from the perspective of the customer. You can offer them an incentive to do the survey like a percentage off or 2 for 1 that way you get more sales during that time in addition to the feedback.


Do you have a blog that’s related to your business? If not, start one! Blog posts can be shared on your social channels which you can then advertise as a boosted post on Facebook which will help get you views and hopefully clicks. Go through your Google Analytics and see which of your previous posts had the most views and engagement and try to duplicate that style in future content.  Become a thought leader,  people will trust and flock to you.


There are a lot of great online courses that can help strengthen the skills set of entrepreneurs and most cities have free seminars or affordable classes that do the same. Constant learning is what helps people grow and you never know where a new idea will spark from. Free networking events in your industry can help you meet new contacts, come up with new ideas and potentially gain a lot more new customers. It’s a no-brainer to get out there and meet people because only good things can come from it in the long run so get out there and show your face!


Take a step back and look at your business plan, can adjustments be made to the way you’re approaching things? If there’s a mentor you’re working with you should have them take a look at your plan too because sometimes a fresh pair of eyes may find flaws. Make some adjustments and test out your results for a couple of months to see if there’s a difference.  Don’t be afraid of the pivot. Listening to what your customers want never hurts. It can only help.

This post wasn’t written to scare you, but every business has its bumps and it’s better to be proactive and keep busy in order to keep your goals in sight rather just waiting out the storm and hoping for traffic to pick up.



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